TUESDAY, September 26th 


at Guacamayas Mexican Grill

(formally called Casa Bonita)



Our Craft Talk speaker for Tuesday will be: 


Bert Elizabeth Ijams -
  Executive Director of Prescott Meals On Wheels
The mission of Prescott Meals On Wheels (PMOW) is to provide services that enable older people to maintain independent living with safety and dignity.  Our primary mission is to provide one hot nourishing meal per day, both in a congregate setting and to our homebound clients. 
Our services are more than a meal! Our homebound meals are also provide wellness checks and conversation with every delivery. Our dining hall serves meals and smiles in a pleasant atmosphere. Our thrift store offers fun and affordable shopping. And, our education series informs clients and patrons on healthy living. All of these help to achieve the mission with a diversification of funds and opportunities to give our community well-being.
Homebound Meals:
nutritional meals to homebound seniors and those with permanent or temporary disabilities.  
Each week day our drivers embark upon their route to deliver meals to Prescott citizens who need assistance. For many of the 200 clients we serve, this will be the only hot meal they will have during the day.
As a nation and community, we have a special responsibility to serve vulnerable populations such as the elderly. Many of these Americans were raised in the Great Depression, they fought for our freedom in World War II and went on to make this nation a leader in the World. But in spite of living in “the land of plenty” many of these citizens find it hard to afford, obtain, or prepare the food that they so desperately need to stay healthy.

The challenge is great. Only a third of the funds needed to operate Prescott Meals on Wheels comes from governmental funding, and that is always at risk. For over 40 years the community has supported Prescott Meals on Wheels. In some years, it has been literally hand to mouth. Were it not for the efforts of over 150 volunteers and our sponsors, there is no question that we would be unable to meet the needs of our clients.
Hunger is a serious threat facing millions of seniors in the United States. Understanding hunger is a critical first step to developing strategies to eliminate the pain and suffering it causes. 
Prescott Meals On Wheels offers two other programs for our homebound clients:

The Animeals program consists of donated cat and dog food for our homebound clients. If an individual can not get the store to by themselves food, they can not do for the loved family pets. Only in-kind donations of food is accepted to support this program.
The Art on Wheels pilot program consists of artists coming into the home to help clients express themselves creatively with positive mental and physical outcomes. The program consists of painting, movement, writing and music. 
Dining Hall:
We are able to seat 150 patrons in our attractive new dining room.  Patrons are served cafeteria style by our volunteer staff from 11:15 am to 12:45 pm.  Please refer to our menu to get an idea of the types of meals that are served.
Round tables with 6-8 chairs provide an excellent venue for conversation, and more than one discussion group meets on a scheduled basis to have conversation and lunch.
Our dining room includes several bookshelves of contributed books, magazines, and videos for purchase at a nominal cost.  There is also a piano which on occasion is played by a regular patron for the enjoyment of our diners.
Prescott Meals on Wheels is located in the Rowle P. Simmons Community Center, a City of Prescott facility built in 2007.  This facility is shared with the Adult Center of Prescott.