August-  Many of you participated in the USVets Stand-Down 2 years ago.  This is an outreach program for the vets here in the area, particularly those that are homeless, and, sadly, that's a pretty large number.  It provides them with clothing, dental help, mental health counseling, job placement, among many other things.  Because this falls the weekend prior to Grapes4Good, we need to keep our focus on that.
What we can do is help them out with some donations of clothing.  They badly need socks, undershorts, and undershirts, especially in sizes 2X and 3X. Beginning with the Aug. 9 meeting, there will be a collection box at our weekly meetings.  Please consider helping out with this project.  Purchases can be made at Costco, Walmart, and probably the dollar stores.  Let's show them we care!
On Sat., August 13, from 9:30 to 11:30, we'll be helping Community Cupboard with their food sort at the Walmart parking lot on Gail Gardner.  This is something we've been doing occasionally for the several years.  A pass-around sign-up will go around tomorrow and next week.  If you can't make the meetings and want to help, just let me know.  If you ask anyone who has helped in the past, they will tell you it's a good time, and it's a good project.
September- Last year we took on something new, delivering flowers to the Gold Star Mom's on their day in Sept.  These are moms who have lost a child who was in active military service.  It's a very humbling and touching experience for those who deliver the flowers.  Last year we had only four, but I have obtained another source for names and anticipate more this year.  Gold Star Mother's Day is Sunday, Sept. 25- ring a bell?
Because it's the day of Grapes4Good, we will be doing deliveries on Saturday, the 24th.  I have already sourced someone to provide the flowers at no charge.  A sign-up sheet will go around in Sept.
Grapes4Good is Sunday, Sept. 25.  We have big numbers to catch, and, hopefully, exceed!  It's going to take a huge effort from ALL of our members.  We need everyone to obtain sponsorships, and donations for the auctions and raffles.  Those who are involved in making this fundraiser happen cannot do it all by themselves.  This takes everyone getting onboard and the time is now with only 8-weeks to go!