Yavapai Food Neighbors project came to the Prescott area in 2014.  The needs in our community were great, far greater than most people might expect.  It’s estimated that as much as 32% of the Yavapai County population either face, or are at risk of, food insecurity, and that 1 in 3 children in Yavapai County face the same issues.  Presently in 2021, there are some 60 neighborhoods in the Prescott area who participate in food drives every two months, contributing about 20,000 pounds of food each time.

Each even-numbered month, the Neighborhood Coordinators collect the food donations and deliver it to the sorting point in the Walmart parking lot on Gail Gardner where it’s sorted and passed out to various food provider agencies. 


One of those agencies is Community Cupboard here in Prescott, where food is provided to about 3000 individuals each month.  Frontier Rotary has been helping on a regular basis with that food sort for the last 18 months. On Saturday, Aug. 14, there were 17 Rotarians helping to sort approximately 5000 pounds of food!  Frontier Rotary helps the Prescott community again!