12:00 noon

at Guacamayas Mexican Grill

 Prescott Frontier Rotary 

Our Presentation for April 23rd will be

Kara Peterson
Executive Director of
Kind Defined

Kind Defined is a local non-profit who wants to bring noticeable ripples of kindness to the Quad Cities.

“We raise awareness in children by showing actions that they are currently taking or ones they can take to make a difference.  We encourage the children to become leaders in kindness in their communities and within their spheres of influence,” Kara Peterson, executive director.

Kind Defined holds Amazing in Action workshops, with a different theme each year.  These workshops are offered at no cost and are are specifically programmed for ages 7-10.

Kara Peterson has had many journeys that has led her to exactly where she needed to be: the visionary of a kinder world.  After receiving her master’s degree in teaching she taught in both Oregon and Arizona and learned to plan and program fun into curriculum. As a children’s author she expanded on her creativity and vision of what could be.  As a mother of two young men she learned that sometimes we just need to listen. As a wife of 25 years she learned that through it all, perseverance is one of the best tools in her tool box.  Learning that every choice made, every lesson learned had a reason; all of the skills and talents accumulated over the years are poured lovingly into Kind Defined with the goal of creating something so much bigger and better than any of us.